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{April 30, 2006}   WordPress Flickr Widget?

What is this WordPress Flickr Widget?! How do I get it?!Help, please!


{April 30, 2006}   Why?

After gaining 5 spots (insect bites) on Friday and 1on Saturday, I started to wonder, "why do spots itch?" I searched Google 1 million times over and never found the answer. It was all to do with remedies for acne! So, I asked my nice Grandma and Grandad why spots itch. I finally got the answer! Seems like my Grandma and Grandad are brainier than the internet. I will take back what I just said, they don't know anything to do with HTML!

Okay, so they told me that our bodies mechanism is trying to fight the spots "the invaders" by sending blood to them (that's why "the invaders" go red). And the blood cells are moving around inside the spots which make them itch! Finally! So, if anyone else has thought of that question, here's your answer! 

{April 30, 2006}   Web Hosting

Yes, here's me, webhosting on my blog! Yes, I really can do it!

Just comment on this message. Along with your name and email, please type: Previous URL (if you had one) Desired subdomain* Why you want to be hosted*

Just read these rules (thanks to aquavariousmaggots.com)

Your site can be a personal site, a blog, a fansite, a collective or a fanlisting collective.

You must update at LEAST once a month (unless we have a prior agreement).

  • I may delete your account at anytime with or without warning if I feel that server space is being wasted.
  • You must make regular back-ups of your site/databases: I am not responsible for the recovery of lost data.

No porn, hentai or hate sites permitted.


{April 29, 2006}   So, c’mon and sleepover!

Last night was really fun! We watched 'She's the Man' which is really funny! It was great, I suggest that you WATCH IT!

Amanda Bynes plays Viola:

Amanda Viola as Sebastian: And this is just plain funny if you read the text: Hehe! We watched Harry Potter GoF at Lauren's house. Lauren fell asleep during the credits, so Joy Jennifer and I went on adventures in the dark! We were all arguing in the morning…we were bored. I wanted to play football!

{April 27, 2006}   So excited!

I'm so excited… I'm sleeping over at one of my best friends' house with my two other best mates, Joy and Jennifer. My best m8's are(at school): Lauren, Jennifer and Joy.

I just gotta get them to create a blog. When I sleep over, we are going watching 'She's the Man' at Odeon and then we are gonna have KFC an' have that girly sleepover! We're gonna make dance routines, give each other makovers…. so cool!

{April 27, 2006}   Hiya!

Hiya and welcome to my blog! It's sooo cool that you're readin' this! Lol! I've not done much today, just woke up to find my cat Chocolate on my bed purring her head off. Then, school! Yay…. so fun! But I hate Maths and it was sooo boring… I was glad when it was time to learn French! Bonjour! I wont be able to post much unless I got on my Grandma's PC alot because I can't post on my computer…. error report ALWAYS comes on! C U L8er! Lucyx

{April 27, 2006}   Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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