Flawless Sparkles

{April 30, 2006}   Wordpress Flickr Widget?

What is this WordPress Flickr Widget?! How do I get it?!Help, please!


Maryndor says:

Well, I’m not very similar with flickr widgets, but I know one:
flickr photo album – http://tantannoodles.com/toolkit/photo-album/
it displays the flickr album sets.
There’s some other way to integrate flickr in your sidebar useing text widget, but as I said I’m not very famililar. Try googling may be. After finishing my WhatPulse.org widget I’m tinking about some flickr widget (display random photos or something).

Maryndor says:

Well no problem! In fact if you just wish to show your photos from flickr use their badge. Type the HTML code they give you in a Text Widget. That should do the trick.

BTW, Congrats for changing the style of your blog. I like it. Very girlsh and cute 😀

Thanks again! Oh, I change the style of my blog alot, I changed it because it wouldn’t fit them graphics on fully! 😀
I like your “Elvish Blog”, very nice and thanks for visiting flawless!

laura says:

hi loolee

laura says:

hi loolee like your bog its laura

tirell says:

Nice site. Thank to work…

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