Flawless Sparkles

{May 1, 2006}   From TriPod to iPod

After watching the "Scary Movie 4" trailer countless times, I still couldn't come to a decision wether I liked it or not. Now I have come to a conclusion… (Spoiler warning)
Haha, very funny…  but are iPods really more intelligent than mankind? They can't make a blog can they (lol)?! Yeah, it's takin' the mickey out of War of the Worlds, but did they really need to? iPods aren't brainier than us!

ipods and... ...tripod!

And why would the President of the USA want to find out want happens to a "fantasy rabbit" when the world was under alien invasion? Silly man. And why would he say something like "you mean their parents are being eaten right at this minute?" while there were tiddy kids in the room? 

Anyway,  I came to the conclusion that I like it…(despite the fact that they think they can take the mick out of a movie as great as WOTW) and I'm definately gonan watch it! Lol… I'm so crazy!



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