Flawless Sparkles

May 2006 – "Scary Movie 4"

Scary Movie 4 review byrottentomatoes.com

Spoiler Warning

Starring: Anna Faris and Leslie Nielsen.

Directed by: David Zucker.
I can take a gross movie as well as anyone, but seeing Leslie Nielsen naked in “Scary Movie 4” pretty much set the limit. Not that our beloved Canadian actor is out of shape, only that there are some things best left to the imagination. Let’s just say that I could’ve lived the rest of my life quite well without having seen it. As for the film itself, like “Scary Movie 3,” it’s really a collage of spoofs from some of the highest profile films — not just horror — of the past three years.

But it does have its moments of hilarity, such as the opening “Saw”-inspired sequence starring none other that Dr. Phil and Shaquille O’Neal as the hapless sods chained to the walls. Another brief cameo follows immediately after by Charlie Sheen in a funny sequence glamorizing death by Viagra, and finalizing the bridge between “3” and “4” with Anna Faris as Cindy.

Up next is “Grudge,” and Cindy must look after an elderly lady (Cloris Leachman) while dealing with the creepy ghost child haunting the home. Said house is next door to that owned by Tom Ryan (Craig Bieko), the inefficient father of two unappreciative kids (“War of the Worlds” anyone?) and while he fights alien tri-iPods (yup), Cindy and libidinous friend Brenda (Regina Hall) go looking for the ghost child’s father.

From here our heroes bring us to “The Village” (Chris Elliott is totally disgusting in the Adrien Brody role), through “Brokeback Mountain,” (Anthony Anderson and DeRay Davis getting it on hilariously) while skimming by “Million Dollar Baby” (a pretty stomach-churning Mike Tyson scene). Nielsen is, of course, back as the U.S. President in a “Fahrenheit 9/11” spoof, as is Carmen Electra and Michael Jackson. The scene that had me floored was an Oprah Winfrey spoof where Bieko bounces on the couch, pretty much tearing apart Tom Cruise’s image.

And though “Scary Movie 4” is mostly a compendium of pooh-pooh humour and site gags, with plenty of blows to the heads and bodily fluids strewn all over the place, the premise remains outrageous enough to make it more enjoyable than irritating.

“Scary Movie 4” is definitely a no-brainer that one walks into for a mindless good time. I know I did.


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