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A page on my beloved singer… Tarja Turunen, former vocalist of Nightwish. All that I can give you at the moment is a little info as I am also dealing with other parts of the site… Soz about the pics not coming up, I'll fix that very soon…

Name: Tarja Soile Susanna Turunen

Height: 5' 4½" (1.64 m)

Spouse: Marcelo Cabuli


Lead singer of the Finnish symphonic metal band, Nightwish. [1996-2005]

Her favorite director is Ridley Scott

Her favorite actor is Russell Crowe.

Her favorite album is "The Gladiator" soundtrack.

Her favorite author is Mika Waltari.

Her favorite drink is dry, gentle red wine.

Her favorite food is chicken.

Her favorite movie is "The Gladiator".

Her favorite season is spring.

Pretty in pics!


If you see a fanart here that is yours, please leave a comment on the latest news post and I shall give credit.


View a beautiful fanart that's too big for this page here! And another! Oh, no! And another!



DARK says:

Tarja- wonderful girl,and the best vocalist.

Fiore says:

Tarja, is the Queen…
Nothing more to say.

Ika says:

Tarja… I love You!!!



P says:

Tarja you are the most beautiful women i have ever seen in my life and i love you and your voice! you are an inspiration and such a wonderfully amazing person! x x x

laladya says:

y na boluo me encanta esya fotuuti 😀

Camylla says:

Tarja is Perfect!!!!!!!!

I love you!

Nightoz (nightwis-magodeoz) says:

tarja you are the number one
by_oSwAlDiiiiiiiiiN (mexico)

you are only the best

Suzy Beiker Turunen Wolff says:


I love Tarja

Vasile says:

I love very very much >>Tarja Turunen>Night Wish

yany says:

tarja you is my sin i love you!!!
beautiful woman!!!kisses

jeferson says:

haiu the hate of nightwish

a the emo core

Butterfly says:

Tarja you are my favorite. You have an incredible voice!!! Hope to see you soon in San Francisco!!!

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