Flawless Sparkles

{July 11, 2006}   I’m sorry…

Alrighty-o. Many of you will hear sappy, love-struck closing messages and I wish to do the exact opposite. To tell you the truth, I actually enjoyed Flawless as my site but I thought my love for it would grow as I got in to it. I was wrong and never seemed to get in to the mood of Flawless. BUT… don’t despair! We’ve moved here (phew) http://www.victoriandramaqueen.wordpress.com



{May 15, 2006}   I’m Back!

Yay! I'M BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is so fun! Heherher! I'm just a little hyper!
I'm reading… yeah, guesd. No, not "She's the Man" novelization. (Is there even one?!) It's "Howl's Moving Castle" by Dianna Wynne Jones! It's brill!

Oh, and I have applied to take over at EvannaLynch.com so, please, wish me luck, or if you think you're good enough, you should go there and apply too!

Here's some good websites 4 YA!

Howl's Moving Castle – The Official Website

{May 7, 2006}   Hiatus

If you don't see many posts in the next few days, or none at all, we're on HIATUS. That just means that the blog wont be updated. This is due to exams…. Lucy x

{May 6, 2006}   Hi

Hi Joy, I was gonna post on Your HP News (www.yourhpnews.wordpress.com)

But as Im on my mum account on pc, I can't! Hi anyways!

{May 6, 2006}   Graphics Update

Yup, a new graphic for yall!

I watched "Howl's Moving Castle" last night and it is absolutely BRILL! FAB! So, I decided to make a wallpaper. Yah, it might be rubbish (the wallpaper, not the film), but it's hard finding quality pictures from a movie like that… view it HERE!

{May 6, 2006}   New page!

Okay, this is a page that I really like! It's a Harry Potter/Emma Watson newspage… if you look at the pages section in the site, you will see somethin called: "Your HP News"

Click on it! Or, click here

_._._. means Daleks. Yes, Daleks. Seriously…

Okay, maybe not, maybe I'm messing you around….

And I am! I just like to think in "my own" stupid little world that Daleks are attacking! I have imagination… I like to use it. WHY CAN'T PEOPLE RESPECT THAT?!

{May 4, 2006}   Quote…song…

Okay, sorry, I don't have much time to post anything, so I'll give you the quote and song on the day!

Quote of the Day

"We'll go down fighting. yeah?" – Rose Tyler

Song of the Day

"No Sleep Tongiht" – The Faders

{May 3, 2006}   STOP IT!

I'm so annoyed!
I have clicky ligaments in my ankles and I can't stop clicking one of them because I don't feel right! Anything that i can do to stop this? It's ANNOYING!

We've had to audition for parts in David Copperfirled lately.

I want to be Dora Spenlow (David's first wife) and she has to sing a solo – "I am a sweet and simple Lman"

Here are some bits of the song that I can remember:

"I am a sweet and simple lamb,

who likes to dance and sing.

*part missing*


really must speak out and the message requires we shout:

Wake up, you're asleep, you're timid and meek not  clue what life's about!"

Sorry, i can't remember much! 😀

AT first, I wanted to be Agnes Wickfield (David's second wife), but I am not very good at singing her song, so I didn't audition for her… I don't want to embarrass myself!

et cetera